Thursday, December 31, 2009


I've NEVER been into tennis (or any sport on tv) but, a few years ago, when I heard about Andre Agassi's school for underprivileged kids in Nevada, I sat up and took notice. I was especially interested when I read a review of this book and saw that Agassi never liked tennis either, and that his father forced him into it. I was intrigued how someone could be a champion without loving their career. I was shocked by his admission to using crystal meth and smashing up all his trophies at one stage. I also wanted to find out what it was that didn't work in his marriage to Brooke Shields, andwhat does work in his marriage to Stephanie Graf. Reading Agassi's book gave me all of this and more, as I found out about the camaradie between him and his entourage and actually enjoyed reading about tennis and all the champions he had to face.

This book talks about depression, the pain and injuries involved in being an athlete, perseverence, dedication to training, worries over appearance, brotherly love, how giving to others is the most rewarding part of life, and how important it is to be interested and involved in your partner's career and wellbeing. All this is done with humour, honesty and sincerity, making it a book that is completely engaging and inspires hope and determination. An amazing read on the cusp of a new year.

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