Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping Faith

Well, this was an intriguing book! It's all about a little girl who starts seeing and talking to God (who she says is a woman), and then starts healing people. Of course, the media, and every Tom, Dick and Harry who wishes to be cured, begin to hang around her house day and night, until finally her Dad decides she is in danger and wants custody. Questions arise such as, is her Mum putting her up to it, is the child doing it for attention, does the father really care, could God possibly be a woman? It doesn't help that the mother has previously been hospitalised for depression and emotional instability, after the first time her husband had an affair.

I was so desperate to get to the end to find out how the author decided to end it (and I didn't even skip ahead) but I was so confused by the ending that I had to google it to see if there was an explanation by the author anywhere. There is, but I still think the author was being ambiguous in the way she wrote the ending, that I'm not even convinced by her own explanation! As far as I'm concerned, a 'knife-edge smile' does not connote innocence! Now you'll just have to read  the book to see what you think the author is saying at the end.

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