Friday, June 18, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I wish I had been one of the first people to read this book so that I could have felt the excitement of saying "I know you haven't heard of this book, but you HAVE to read it!"

Unfortunately, everyone pretty much knows what it is about now, so there are no real surprises. But there are moments when you think, this is so moving, so shocking, so awful. For a start, having a story told by a dead person is quite unusual and confronting.

The first part  of the book is completely engaging, when the story of Susie's murder is played out. You cannot help but seethe with rage and disgust at the George Harvey character; but you also cannot help wanting an insight to his murderous mind.

There were some very dark moments and some highly emotional moments, one of which was very similar to a memorable scene in Ghost (not the pottery wheel scene!)

I LOVE the character of the father in the book. All fathers should be like him; devoted.

This story is sad and frustrating, the relationships complex, and the writing, often poetic. The feeling of the years racing away from us is scary and even depressing, although there is also a message of hope and heaven.

Thought provoking.

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