Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tears of the Moon

If you have ever been to Broome, or ever thought of travelling to Broome, read this novel! The vivid descriptions of Broome's landscape, atmosphere, Aboriginal people, and pearling history give life to Broome in a way no historical record could do.

What particularly holds the reader, though, is the heartbreaking romance of the two main characters. Continually kept apart by a variety of circumstances, we hurry through the book, hoping they will end up together. There are some shocking moments in the book, moments that will make you cry, or at least bring a lump to your throat. You will become totally enwrapped in each character's story.

Tears of the Moon is beautifully told, completely believable, and leaves you wanting more. Luckily there is a follow-up, Kimberley Sun.

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