Thursday, December 30, 2010

61 Hours

I’ve been getting into thrillers lately, and this one was a beauty! Set in the bitter cold winter of South Dakota, Jack Reacher arrives in town via a bus crash. Child has already written about this character in 13 previous books that I haven’t yet had the privilege of reading. Against the searingly cold backdrop, Reacher interacts with cops, bikers, druglords, and the elderly Mrs Salter, witness to a crime.

The grab of this book is the countdown from 61 hours. Such an effective page-turning device, and had me on the edge of my seat. The other lure is Reacher. He is an ex-military cop who can put himself into the head of a criminal and work out his every move. He is also an amazing fighter, so if you’re into action heroes, this will be your kind of book.

My education assistant gave me a book voucher for Christmas and I’ve already used it to buy Child’s follow up book, Worth Dying For. It’s not really a sequel to 61 Hours, but it is marketed that way. And anyway, if you like Child’s style, you’ll no doubt enjoy the rest of his books.

A great read!

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  1. Noticed your comparison to Larsson. Might have to check this author out.

  2. Child is much easier to read than Larsson. I just noticed a few little details that were Larssonesque. xx