Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Only Way is Up

This book was a charming departure from the intensity of reading Stieg Larsson! However it is not a light-hearted story. The more I read chick-lit, the more I realise it is not all light and bubbles, but usually stories of betrayal, misfortune or loss.

This book tells the story of Lily and Lawrence, who crash badly from the heights of wealth and society, to a sparse and poverty-stricken lifestyle, after Lawrence loses his job and all their possessions in a pyramid scheme dive. Matthews, the author, realistically portrays the devastation of the characters in finding their former lavish home boarded up, and having to apply to live in a house in a run-down neighbourhood, hocking their most treasured jewellery to survive.

This is a book that makes you realise not to take your life for granted; don’t live frivolously, love your friends, spend time with your family, be real. Okay so it’s not written poetically, or with a wealth of highly-constructed subplots and characters. And I cringed at the excessive alcohol consumption and drunkenness that was seen as a normal everyday occurrence. However, this book is a page-turner, and it is eye-opening, as you discover, through the characters, that to find happiness in life you need togetherness, not money.

Worth a read.

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