Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Kite Runner

This is a touching story that had me riveted all the way through. Hosseini writes with such clarity that you can see the people and places in your mind's eye. I felt as though I stood in Afghanistan and walked with the characters as they met their tragedies and discovered their life paths.

The story revolves around two boys, Amir and his friend Hassan, who is the son of the family servant. They spend much of their childhood together, and are particularly good at running kites (the strings are made of glass and constantly cut their hands!) But at the end of one race, Amir makes a decision that affects the rest of their lives in devastating ways.

I always enjoy stories that begin with the children and lead onto adulthood. There is a richness in seeing how parental influence affects a child's choices, and then how the child grows and gains the knowledge and experience to make choices as an adult, that then influence the next generation. 

I gained so much from reading this book, which reads like an autobiography, but is actually fiction. I was reminded about how family, friends and peers should be loyal and supportive of one another. But, the trick question is, how far would you go to be loyal and supportive? Would you die for your fellow man? How much do you tell your parents about the mistakes you make in life?

A heart-wrenching, but not depressing, thought-provoking book, with important lessons for everyone.

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  2. You should read "A thousand splendid suns" if you haven't it's a story of two women in afghanistan. It flows just like "Kite runner" Another masterpiece by Khaled Hosseini.

  3. It's definitely on my to-read list! I just have to get a copy.xx

  4. I think The Kite Runner was a page-turner and it had complex characters and situations.These situations make you want to think hard about redemption and good and evil.I suggest that people should read this as they would realise situations in reality that have to be dealt with...