Sunday, January 18, 2015

On Beulah Height

Now this is a great detective book! I can absolutely see why they made Hill's writings into the popular Dalziel and Pascoe on the small screen. This book is clever and witty, with Latin, biblical, mythical, literary and historical references peppered throughout.The characters are highly visual and their conversations full of amusing banter.

The story is about the search for missing children which makes the heart want to read on to discover a solid conclusion. The ending is quite startling and was not what I expected at all. 
Creepy to the extreme.

As my mum would say, there is a lot of reading in this story, which means you can't gloss over it if you want to enjoy all the interesting detail. I was fascinated by the way this book was written and will add it to my collection of authors to study when I get a moment to write my own novel. :) 

My rating *****

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