Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Time Traveller's Wife

This book is unputdownable! Time travel is my favourite story topic, from the Narnia Chronicles, to Doctor Who, to Tom's Midnight Garden, to the Terminator series, Timeline and many others. I am always fascinated by the time travel idea; it really blows my mind! This book is no exception; the time travelling content is confusing, but so interesting, and as a reader you are just waiting to find out what happens next - will Henry go to the past, the future, whose lives will he affect? But what makes this book special is the love story between the two lead characters, Henry and Clare. They just adore each other (and I must say, I was giving my husband extra hugs all week, knowing how lucky I am to have found my own special someone!) Some scenes in the book are quite raunchy, but there are more than enough clever moments for the book not to be straight out 'chick lit'.

I'm hoping that the film is as good as the book, because I pictured Eric Bana and Rachael McAdams as the characters all the way through. There are so many interesting time travel episodes in the book, some funny, some freaky, some harrowing, that I'm sure many of the good ones will have been left out of the film. Near the end of the book, the turn of events is so awful that you just can't believe the author's choices, but those choices make the story even more memorable.

The Time Traveller's wife is essential reading - it is intelligent, romantic, exciting and sad, and, if you can get your head around the complexities of the time travelling episodes, you will, like me, consider it to be one of the best stories ever written.

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  1. Wowowow quite the review! I'm salavating at the thought of sinking into this book! I think it's just been bumped up to next on my list!