Sunday, August 3, 2014

Grave Sight

The blurb on this one got me in; the story of Harper Connolly who, since being struck by lightning, can find dead people. She travels with her step-brother, Tolliver to find missing persons, and in this story they go to the Ozarks to find a missing teenager.

The book starts off really well, but about half way through the pace slows to a crawl while Harper and Tolliver practically twiddle their thumbs waiting for the outcome on yet another death of which they are suspects. 

I was intrigued by Harper's and Tolliver's difficult backgrounds and felt for them, but the other characters in the story were generally unlikeable and suspicious. The ending was resolved well, I thought, but the writing itself was quite juvenile and simplistic throughout the book.

This is not exactly a profound or challenging book, but I would read more in the series simply because of Harper's fascinating ability.

My rating ***

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