Monday, September 1, 2014

Between a Heart and a Rock Place

I fell in love with Pat Benatar's music again after watching Rock of Ages and becoming obsessed with its awesome 80s' rock soundtrack. My sister first got me interested in Pat Benatar back in the early eighties and we were mesmerised by her amazing voice and songs such as We Live for Love and Shadows of the Night. In the mid-eighties Benatar became a part of the extended dance videos craze with her Love is a Battlefield video which I must have watched a million times! 

So I had a feeling I would love this memoir. Pat Benatar tells the interesting story of her upbringing, her failed first marriage, her early experiences with singing, her great romance with Neil 'Spyder' Giraldo, and her subsequent fame and fortune. Along the way we learn of the difficulties she faced with sexist record company executives, strict recording deadlines, and relentless touring and promotion. We read of her utter determination to be successful in the music industry while being a good wife and mother. Included is the story of the fading popularity of the band after great success and the ways that Benatar and Giraldo worked together to find new ways to keep their brand alive, including TV appearances, double headline tours and including their songs on film soundtracks.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I loved reading about Benatar's life and the special bond she has with her husband and the stand she took and continues to take for women in rock. She is an amazing person!

My rating *****

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