Sunday, August 24, 2014

Turn Your Workplace into a WOW Place

This book should be required reading in the workplace! Sandy Geroux is an inspirational writer, speaker and consultant who aims to help people make their workplace a more customer-friendly place of high achievers. How many times have you been into a shop and received poor customer service? Many a time. Do you look around your workplace and see people achieving the bare minimum, if that? Often. 

Sandy Geroux reminds us of all the things we already know and yet often forget to do to make work an enjoyable place to be for ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. This is a how-to guide for everyone on how to conduct yourself not just at work but in life.  Download it for your Kindle app from Amazon or buy the paperback from the author's website which has a whole lot of other resources to enrich your world.  A must-read!

My rating *****

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