Monday, September 8, 2014

The Greatest Lover Ever

I was convinced this book was going to be a load of saucy rubbish, but actually, it was quite good! At first glance you'd think this was just going to be a Fifty Shades of Grey semi-porn piece of pulp, but I found it quite amusing and well written. The story is set in Regency England and involves the redheaded and beautiful Georgiana Black, and her betrothed Marcus Beckenham who separate after a misunderstanding. Six years later they again cross paths and realise they are still wildly attracted to each other, but refuse to get together. Beckenham invites a group of ladies to his home in a similar style to The Bachelor, getting to know each woman and deciding who he will choose to marry. Georgiana's sister Violet is one of them, and she convinces Georgiana to accompany her on the week long stay at Beckenham's where, of course, Georgiana and Beckenham are torn between resistance and submission to their true desires.

This book was such a pleasant surprise with its well-developed characters, romantic setting and the author's impressive vocabulary.
 I thoroughly enjoyed it!

My rating ****

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