Monday, September 8, 2014

Kick Back

This book has been on my shelves for a very long while, but it looked like a quick read so I finally gave it a go. Val McDermid writes well. Her P.I. Kate Brannigan is a determined character, and manages to put up with her partner Richard, who is a pain! Brannigan's quips are amusing and made me laugh. However, the thing with this book is that for a mystery story it is too tame. I think, if you are going to write about crime it has to involve murder, which I know sounds morbid, but otherwise it's just too run-of-the-mill. There is a spectacular death in the book, but it is only really an aside. The three crimes in this story involved stealing or fraud which, while probably exciting in the average Joe's life, were too dull for a detective story. was amusing, but forgettable.

My rating **

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