Monday, September 1, 2014

The Memory Box

I quite liked this book. Pandora is the mother of nine year old Iris and yearns to make contact with Iris's father in Paris, whom she has not seen for 10 years. He is not so willing however. While I find this the not convincing, playing hard-to-get part of the story, the rest of the story is quite enjoyable to read. Pandora manages a shop selling secondhand designer label clothes, and she also organises the Shoestring Club, a group of women who buy secondhand dresses together and time-share them.

I found the entrepreneurial ideas in this book to be inspiring and refreshing, as were Pandora's interactions with her sister and closest friends. Her relationship with Declan, the recently separated father of the obnoxious Rachel, is irritating, as his ex Jessica is not over the split and is painfully and yet believably clingy and he can't seem to stop talking about her! As is typical of chick lit books, no one seems to be able to read anyone else's true feelings and they all spend their lives running away from what they truly want. 

Apart from that, The Memory Box is a good little sentimental story and I recommend it to those who enjoy fashion-themed or Paris-themed chick lit. 

My rating ****


  1. I love that cover! It looks so cozy and inviting. :)

    1. The Memory Box is one of the best parts of this story; that and the cute French guy, ha!